Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Generally I spread posters on the streets by myself. The wall you see in the picture, I do not feel conformable to go to especially alone, even during the day. We went there together as a group with students from Creative Expression class at the University of Namibia. Together we installed around hundred posters on a popular wall in the middle of Windhoek. I made a plan for the design and students became part of the site-specific work through installation and discussion. It was a truly wonderful event. What is important to me is to offer an alternative view on what a simple sheet can communicate. Critical design!

Articles for these posters were collected from different sources both from the Helsingin Sanomat in Finland and the Namibian press. The posters dealt with walking in the city of Windhoek and opinions about equality in Namibia from Finland.

#‎TRADERStalk‬ is a web-platform for the (open) discussion of practices on participatory art & design and public space (contexts). The platform is open for contributions from anyone, though each submission is reviewed by the members of TRADERS. Contributions are immediately elegible for taking part in different TRADERS exhibitions and publication platforms.
As part of the Work-in-Progress show of the School of Architecture at the RCA, TRADERS researcher Saba Golchehr curated a small exhibition with a selected number of contributions to the platform.